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  1. How long do you need to wait before painting the expanded paintable products? What type of paint is best?
    A.  Allow the expanded vinyl paper to dry for 5-7 days before painting. We recommend any latex brand of paint for the best results.

  2. Do you pay labour charges if product proves to be defective?
    A.  New product will be supplied if product proves defective. Not responsible for labour charges and our warranty is VOID if other paste is applied to product prior to hanging.

  3. Do you have a store where closeout and/or overstock material can be purchased?
    A.  Norwall does not have a store for the general public to purchase closeout and overstock wallcoverings.

  4. Do I need to buy all the same lot number and if I don’t what will happen?
    A.  Yes, you do need to ensure that you buy all the same lot number.  Similar to yarn and floor tiles, wallpaper designs are produced in batches (runs) and there are slight variations in colour from one run to another.

  5. Does your paper meet Fire Safety Standard Regulations and do you have a letter stating this?
    A.  Yes, all of our wallcoverings meet Fire Safety Standards and a Fire Rating Letter can be supplied to you via email or fax.

  6. What type of wall surface is the best for papering?
    A.  We suggest that you remove old wallcovering, wash and rinse walls and then lightly sand glossy surfaces and fill cracks and holes. Coat walls with a primer-sealer to improve adhesion and positioning.

  7. Do I need to apply wall sizing?
    A.  For best results, it is suggested that you apply wall sizing. This allows for easy removal at a later date when you want to change your paper.

  8. What do I do if bubbles appear on the expanded vinyl products after hanging and smoothing? Is this normal for this type of paper?
    A.  It is normal for a few bubbles to appear after the paper has been hung.  Most of them will disappear on their own. You may pin prick the center to let the excess air out. Do not go back and re-smooth the paper as this may cause the seams to come apart and not adhere properly to your wall.

  9. How come the paper has a strong vinyl smell? Is this harmful?
    A.  A. When Norwall wallpapers are first installed you will notice an odor from the manufactured material. This odor is not harmful and with proper ventilation will last only a few days.Our products have been tested and deemed non hazardous by a credited outside laboratory and can be verified through our Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S.) which are available if you so require.The remnant odor is not harmful and will disappear faster than that of oil-based paints..

  10. How do I remove old wallcoverings from my wall?
    A.  Removing old wallpaper is not difficult.  Start by turning off the power to switches and outlets. Score the old wallpaper with a wallpaper scoring tool and follow the instructions provided.
    Scoring the wallpaper will allow water to soften the paste between the vinyl paper and the wall, making it easy to remove the top layer of wallpaper.
    Using a spray bottle filled with hot water with a tsp of dish detergent and fabric softener added; spray the wallpaper with the hot water. Keep re-spraying to saturate well. You will know the water is being absorbed when there is a minimal amount of water running down the wall. Allow the water to soak into the scored wallpaper and moisten the paste. The wallpaper will remove easily and in larger pieces.
    Once the top layer is removed, the paper backer and paste will scrape off easily with a putty knife.Wash the walls well.